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Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacted people worldwide, including India, forcing government to shutdown public transportation and majority of the services to contain the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, while everyone is impacted by the shutdown, people with health problems or chronic conditions, who need immediate medical treatment, are impacted the most.

To solve this problem, we have launched iPhysicianHub Telehealth Center to offer video consultations to patients at their home. We made it easier for patients to book the appointment online or by phone or app and get connected with the doctor via mobile phone. Also, patients can receive the doctor’s prescription directly to their phone, allowing them to get tested or receive treatment immediately.

Telehealth Center allows the doctors to serve the country by serving the patients who need immediate care. Doctors anywhere in India can join the Telehealth Center team and provide the consultation from anywhere and anytime using their mobile phone or tablet and help provide care to the most vulnerable population.

We sincerely hope that iPhysicianHub Telehealth Center can fill the void created in healthcare in India due to coronavirus and help deliver the best care possible to the patients nationwide.

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